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A great gift for any dog lover, anyone really, and a way to support the Humane Society.

I’m donating half of Paw Prints in My Heart’s December royalties. A nice way for this Old Dog to honor and remember Mac, the four-legged love of my life at Christmas time.

Happy Holidays – May the pages turn!

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Monique Balas, The Oregonian’s talented pet columnist, graciously reviewed Paw Prints and posted it on

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I MADE IT! My goal was for Paw Prints to be available by the first anniversary of Mac’s passing.

The ‘Old Dog’ died last June 14th, so I just made it – by a whisker!

I never planned to write a dog book, but Paw Prints in My Heart isn’t a My Dog book, it’s a Great Dogs book I hope you’ll read and enjoy. It’s Mac’s story and chronicles an improbably wonderful life, our friendship, and the remarkable lessons an old dog taught me. Writing it helped me heal after losing the dog of my life, my best friend and my writing partner.

E-books and paperbacks are available through Amazon. Just Click the Get the Books! link.

Available June 2014

Available June 2014

I called Mac my writing partner, and he really was. He inspired the name of my publishing company, Old Dog Publishing; a character, ‘Weller’, and the title of my second novel, The Old Dog’s New Trick. He also graces its cover, became a recurring character in Imperfect Resolution. I was bringing him back in the next book in the series when he died. When that happened, I put the novel aside; I had unfinished business.

As I wrote Paw Prints, my hopes for it fundamentally changed. More than a story sure to summon laughs and tears, I saw a chance to help grieving pet owners like me transition through painful loss. When Mac passed, I was truly touched when my vet sent flowers. Now, on this side of it, I can’t help but feel a book like this may have helped me heal.

Here’s the brief Foreword to Paw Prints.

Paw Prints in My Heart is Mac’s story.

I think of it as my gift to our family and all of his friends, two and four-legged, that had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing and being loved by this magnificent old Labrador retriever. It’s my best attempt to capture and chronicle a remarkable life, the pain and sadness of his passing, but most of all, his joyful impact upon us over what truly was a most improbable life of fourteen years and a day. A reverent and grateful tribute to a gentle and pure spirit that for me will always be a living reminder of a loving friend in the very truest sense.

In every way, this book was a labor of love and joy to write. Parts will make you laugh, and others may bring you to tears, so a tissue at times may be advised. But I have the highest hopes that you’ll read it, enjoy it, and connect in ways that only you can understand. Maybe even share it with friends that might understand and pass it along, as a comfort for a true friend they’ve lost, and for what they’ve experienced, and a way for them to remember the laughter and happy times through their tears.

I hope dog lovers everywhere read this book and see a bit of their dog in Mac.

I hope that the non-dog lovers amongst us read this book and reconsider.

I hope that everyone has at least one dog of their life in their life.

My first novel Rush to Dawn, was, in many ways a love letter to my wife, Lynne.

This book, I’d like to believe, is a love letter from Mac to all of us.



I’m a fiction junkie as well as a novelist. It’s not that I don’t read non-fiction, but I love stories and it takes something rare to grab hold and capture my imagination.

Anyway, I was early into the next Cups Drayton crime thriller, #4 in the Series. And got derailed by a summer with a lot of grieving and adjustment after losing Mac, my four-legged writing partner. Not paralyzed by it, but certainly affected and changed.

Many of you may know that Mac inspired the character of Weller, the old black lab I introduced in The Old Dog’s New Trick, the second book in the series. That’s Mac on the cover, by the way, and Weller returned in the book that followed, Imperfect Resolution. And I’d planned on bringing him back yet again in the new Cups, tentatively titled Keep Going.

I was only a half-dozen chapters into the new novel when Mac died. As hard a time as it was for all of us, I couldn’t continue writing it then. I soon realized it was more than his absence and needing time to grieve; I had unfinished business.

Mac was the dog of my life, and the four-legged love of my life. And despite an insane medical history, he lived a remarkable, if wholly improbable, doggone-good-dog’s-life. Before returning to fiction, I had to write Mac’s story.

And surprise, surprise, I’m taking a detour into non-fiction.

Paw Prints in My Heart (Coming in 2014)

I’m about a quarter through it, and as my best friend in the world and a trusted ‘early reader’ of my four novels so aptly observed when I told him my plan: “A story that needs to be told and I’ll bet you find it therapeutic, too.”

And it’s true, I still miss the old guy every day, but don’t feel so cut-off or far away. Too many memories and mostly good ones that make me smile.

I also feel so remarkably at home with non-fiction, and my freelance writing business is thriving. I’m lucky to have amazing clients in every conceivable niche. They range from big and long established to hungry start-ups, and are located throughout the country and around the world. Most days are filled with exciting and challenging stuff that truly is a lot of fun.

Skype makes it possible – Canada, Great Britain, even Australia with a 17-hour time difference.

When I talk to them it’s tomorrow.

When they talk to me it’s yesterday.

Be well and thanks for visiting … and reading!
MAC: June 13 1999 – June 14 2013

With a heavy heart buttressed by memories I’ll cherish always, I announce the passing of the better half of Old Dog Publishing. He was my writing partner, a true friend, and simply a great guy.

For those that may not know, MAC inspired the title, a recurring character named Weller, and graces the front cover of my second novel.

I included this quote at the front of The Old Dog’s New Trick.

To err is human, to forgive, canine.

Whoever anonymous was, he sure got it right.

He was an adorable pup!

He was an adorable pup!

In his prime, about three or so.

In his prime, about three or so.

The famous "my cookies are on top of the frig" shot.

The famous “my cookies are on top of the frig” shot.

Nearing the end of his life.

Nearing the end of his life.

The last shot, in early June before he passed.

The last shot, in early June before he passed.

It took a while to find just the right words but I’ve posted about the last day and saying goodbye. I’ve had dogs all my life, loved them all and cried for each of them. Still, this is different. He truly was the dog of my life, the better half of Old Dog Publishing, a true friend and a great guy.

Thanks to all of you for your kindnesses. Love your dogs and enjoy every day.





I guess I’m a guy that believes there’s no finer way to kick-off a new year than with a big gamble.

So, as an Indie novelist I’m going all-in with Kindle.

Right or wrong, shrewd or not, (gulp!), it means no more ePub eBooks, and goodbye distribution from the eStores that sell them.

So, The Do-Over and the three Cups Drayton thrillers that comprise The Mirano Trilogy are now available only as Kindle eBooks. Gulp.

Why do it, is a fair question, and there are two reasons.

First, Kindle offers self-publishing authors some tools the other guys don’t, albeit in exchange for digital exclusivity. I’m excited with the prospects, and it’s a fair exchange; most consumers are protected. Kindle content can be read on PCs, iPads and other devices with free software from Amazon.

Second, I can’t help wondering if it’s already too late to choose sides in this 21st Century format war and if Amazon has already won. They were first, they were biggest, best, and continued to improve by listening to consumers with a mindset determined to innovate inclusively.

Watching the literary battle of technology titans brought back memories of what to me was the most meaningful format war because it impacted most all of us.

Can you hear Taps playing?

VHS vs. BETA back in the good ‘ol Video Cassette Recorder days. There was less drama and doubt about this one than with that one.

Can you hear Taps playing? VHS got that limited victory window until annihilated by DVRs, and the DVRs got humbled by NetFlix who got streamed back into place.

Technology titans should rent month-to-month.

Remember the BETA loyalists that lived in a state of video denial and how different it all was back then.

The hardware was expensive, hundreds of dollars – we’d faint converting it to today’s money. Today, for that price, you get 40-inch+ flat screen and a BluRay. Ah, the good ‘ol days when unreliable, overpriced junk was what passed for state of the art technology.

Even worse, content was so fiercely guarded, monopolized, and priced so absurdly high, we’d faint all over again calculating the cost of a movie on a VHS cassette in 2013 dollars.

But Home Electronics is, and has always been, the one area where in the end we get more for less tomorrow.

And in many ways, content has been liberated and there’s more of it than ever. Lots of it cheap, much of it free, and Amazon – can you believe they’re now bigger than Wal-Mart – deserves a lot of the credit.

So, as a writer, I’m all-in with Kindle, prepared to blindly follow wherever Amazon leads.

For the record, I don’t own any eReader, but I’m not opposed to them. I just like holding a book and turning the pages.

I’m sure I’ll get one eventually, like I eventually got a VCR and DVR and a Smarter-than-Me phone.


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