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Life lessons learned from the dog of my life.

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Here’s to great dogs everywhere!

Paw Prints in My HeartMany of us would like to believe there’s a special place in doggie heaven for the really great ones.  I know I want to.  No question they’ve earned it, deserve it, and it seems only fair.

I know there are a great many great dogs out there, working their magic, living their lives with their families and saying it all without ever saying a word. For dog lovers, our precious memories of those “non-conversations” with dearly-departed four-legged friends lend silence a deafening quality.

I explained to a friend that Paw Prints is a book about great dogs, not just my dog, although Mac was truly some great dog.  And as I’ve said many times, he was certainly the dog of my life, and his friendship enriched and changed not just my life, but the lives of everyone in our family. While the book is my attempt to capture Mac’s remarkably and improbably wonderful story before it fades to past, it’s also in many ways my story, too.

Because Mackie and I were happily and deliriously, joined-at-the-paw.

Amazing, I think, that I could learn so much from a guy that never said a word.



A Kiki Kinsler Novel (eBooks and Trade Paperbacks available now!)

Home is not merely a place, but also a time.

Love calls neither master.

Kimberly Ann “Kiki” Kinsler is a twenty-one year-old college student excited to be returning home to Portland, Oregon for summer break and eager to see her family.

Instead of the happy homecoming that she anticipates, Kiki’s world is upended by an unimaginable tragedy.  Her parents and younger sister are dead, victims of Little Mo Biggs, a tragically accidental monster, himself a victim of profound parental neglect and abuse.

Kiki is also attacked and hospitalized but survives.

In the hospital, when all appears lost, she is given an opportunity to wipe away the nightmare, to un-do it, and correct the senseless tragedy.

A second chance, a wonderful, improbable, and miraculous gift, that doesn’t come easily.

To reclaim her future, Kiki must first correct the injustices of Little Mo’s past, which only can be corrected at the root.

In doing so, she learns that home is more than a place, it is also a time, and must confront the parallel challenges of life and love, past and present, in a love story with a foot in each world, 2012 and 1981.

The Do-Over is a novel of hope, love and second chances.

We all dream of a second chance.

The question is how far would you go for yours?



Ellroy “Cups” Drayton, a senior FBI Special Agent and Profiler, is a good man, a cop’s cop.  Despite his often unconventional methods, he’s considered an unsurpassed field operative.

But all too often, very bad things happen to good people – even those who sacrifice for the greater good.

For Cups, this is exponentially true.

For over 20 years, he’s done it his way, played by his rules, and remained true to his code.  Nimbly navigating around the Bureau bureaucracy and stubbornly eluding the politics he detests.

As the case of Willie Hemphill, a powerful, sadistic, yet previously unknown cyber-criminal is just coming together, the Bureau shuts down the investigation.  Citing thin evidence, they settle for a sure conviction on a lesser charge, and a two-year sentence.

After all the cases over the years, this time, Cups can’t look the other way.

Their mistake, he knows, is incalculably wrong, dangerous, and certain to deliver disastrous consequences.  Weary of fighting them, Cups takes early retirement and returns home to Portland, but his quiet new life is soon interrupted.

Escaping from the Florida State Prison and blaming Cups for spoiling what had been his perfect criminal life, Willie comes to Oregon with a thirst for revenge exceeded only by his pleasure of watching his victims suffer.

His joint ventures with the Miranos, a Seattle-based crime family, have made Willie wealthier and more powerful than ever.  Old Artie Mirano shrewdly recognized the value of Willie’s proprietary financial, telecom and surveillance software tools, and his vision for Amazon-like sites where criminals could acquire goods, services and capital.

Working with Artie’s daughter, Mira -her father’s personal assassin since her early 20s- they team up to develop and direct these bold new enterprises that become more successful than anyone imagined possible.

Willie’s act of revenge in Portland brings the Mirano Family into Cups’ life.

The Cups Drayton Series is based in the Pacific Northwest, and features visits to the Oregon Cascades, the Oregon Coast, Miami, Virginia, Texas, San Diego, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the deserts of California and Nevada, Greece, Zurich and the Cayman Islands.

Emerging technologies and police work play important roles in the stories, but good versus evil is ever a battle of men, testing their skill, their values and their courage.

Rush to Dawn

Part I of the Mirano Trilogy

Blood-curdling revenge is the final act in a personal war between two powerful men.

FBI Special Agent Cups Drayton wears a white hat; master cyber-criminal Wilson “Willie” Hemphill the blackest of black.

Now allied with the fearsome Mirano Family, Willie unleashes a gruesome crime of brilliantly innovative design, threatening Cups’ new life and unexpected new love, Evie McClary, with an act of vicious and heartless revenge.

He forces the world to participate, streaming video of 18 slowly dying innocents into their living rooms.

With no clue as to where they are, and no way to aid them, Willie delivers Cups and the whole world a terrifying message:

Watch them die.

You have 36 hours to find and rescue them before they all perish.

With the clock ticking, Cups and Chief of Detectives Elliot Rose, assemble an unprecedented team of experts across vastly disparate disciplines to find a way to overcome impossible obstacles.

Allan Goldman, the Bureau’s top forensic IT analyst coordinates technologies from military, scientific, education, national security and law enforcement agencies to avert the biggest mass murder in Oregon history.

Cups and Willie’s final battle takes place in country as rugged and unforgiving as Oregon’s unpredictable weather.

The Old Dog’s New Trick

Part II of the Mirano Trilogy

When Mira Mirano succeeded her father as head of the powerful Mirano crime family, she’d earned the right to become the first Lady Don.

Thanks to a brilliant mind and a staggering resume of flawless assassinations.

Respected – and feared – she had been unopposed.  No one even considered a challenge.

Under her leadership, she takes The Family to new heights, expanding their reach, power and wealth by pioneering innovative new businesses and techniques while strengthening and legitimizing core businesses.

By every measure, she was the right woman for the job and the times.

Then Cups Drayton costs her a key business partner, brings The Family under the federal microscope and interrupts a perfect plan.

Mira has never before tasted defeat, and is not a woman to take it quietly.

Outraged and with her pride wounded, she viciously strikes back, launching a multi-faceted character assassination campaign against Chief of Detectives Elliot Rose, Cups’ closest friend.

As part of a plan to lure Cups to his death, following his humiliation Rose is abducted, secreted in a remote place few even know exists, a place no one would ever imagine looking.  Mira directs Raul Mendoza, the new Family assassin whose weapon of choice is as historically elegant as it is deadly and cold, to finish all of them off.

The FBI’s top forensic analyst, Allan Goldman, returns in Old Dog, this time bringing even newer, classified technology and tools to Oregon.

From the volcanic mountains of the High Cascades of Central Oregon to the streets and city parks of Portland, good and evil battle to the death.  Weller, an orphaned old lab who adopts himself into Cups’ new family, proves that even old dogs have a trick or two left.

If Cups is to prevail, he’ll need every one of them.

Imperfect Resolution

Part III of the Mirano Trilogy

The Mirano Family started the war; FBI Special Agent Cups Drayton knows only he can end it, once and for all.

The Mirano’s relentless vendetta has again made him the target of a savage personal assault.  Twice before they’ve come after him, and both times, thanks to his courage and skill, he prevailed.

But it wasn’t easy and required everything – and more – the brightest law enforcement minds and other experts could bring.

More attacks, he knows, are inevitable and he can’t allow it.  No one dear to him will ever be safe.

For the past year no one has even seen Mira Mirano.  Her uncle, Mario Mirano, once the first Lady Don’s consigliore, now heads The Family, but Cups can find no comfort in that. He must somehow find her.  He’ll never again underestimate the threat she poses.

But Mira has much more than a new identity, she has become a new person.

And although she has a new history, she has an old score to settle.

Then, Bartolo Fasoli, the new Mirano assassin, a former Army demolitions expert who returned home from service in Iraq and Afghanistan with an Other Than Honorable discharge, makes Cups’ new wife an unintended victim of an assignment.

With Evie clinging to life, Cups has no alternative but to go rogue to end the war and bring down the Mirano crime family.

Nothing else matters now – not his storied career, the rule of law, or even his own life.

From the High Sierras above Lake Tahoe and the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada, to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Reno, until Cups ends it, there can be no peace and no resolution.

To do it, Cups proves that no man is more deadly than a man with nothing to lose.