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About Me

It’s never too late to heed the call.

How I arrived at this conclusion is in itself a story.

After college I spent nearly three decades in the corporate world, working for big media on the publishing side.  All powerful, successful companies, headquartered in places like  New York, Burbank, and points in between.   My thing was marketing, advertising, sales management and general management.  In fairness, there were some very good years.

We had fun and did good work we were proud of.

But nothing lasts forever, and in the end, after one too many sales, mergers, and acquisitions, I walked away … having had about all the corporate fun I could stand, you might say.

Few thought the newspaper business, struggling and under siege, would ever recover.  Many branded it a dying industry and called it a dinosaur.

Still others said it was already dead.

There was no shortage of opinions, but three things were painfully clear and inarguably true:

Newspapers would never again have the near exclusive relationship they’d too often taken for granted with their readers.  At least not on the scale they’d enjoyed for so long.

No longer an indispensible news source and with fewer and fewer readers by the day, newpapers were simply no longer all that relevant.  Even the best and the brightest running the biggest and most successful newspapers had no real idea how to remain prominent players in a new age that had passed them by.

Today, we want our news and entertainment instantly, not tomorrow morning.

No escaping the fact that the glory days had up and gone, and were gone for good.  For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

Experiencing a shifting business paradigm first-hand is both scary and exhilirating, but it’s also a rare chance for personal reinvention.

But what next?  What do I want? 

I wanted most to rediscover the passion the corporate world so easily crushes.   And to embrace something deep inside I’d been ignoring for most of life.

Writing is in the blood and deeply-rooted in our family.  We’re a family of writers.  Our father taught us, we taught our kids, and so it continues.

My dad wrote a couple of books, my sister has written professionally for years, and although, until the last few years, most of my own writing was business oriented, I’ve always written.

Dad’s innovative treatment of world history – now there’s a big subject – was published by one of the most esteemed houses in the industry, Simon & Schuster.  His dream, rightfully, was for it to be recognized as the unique reference tool he had created it to be, and to find a home in the library of every school in America.  It made perfect sense, his publisher agreed, but  the promised promotion never materialized.

For my dad, what should have been, never was.

Back then I couldn’t fully understand how disappointed he must have been.  How hard he’d worked, how big he’d dreamed.  How deeply it must have hurt.

Authors with books that go unpromoted by their publishers are hardly members of an exclusive club.

Years later, after heeding the call, writing three thrillers and chasing my dream conventionally in the find-an-agent-get-a-publisher mode, I get it.

Boy, do I get it.

My dad had no other path, he couldn’t do much about it in those days.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case today.  What you’re reading is testament to a world full of amazing new tools, and bold, new possibilities.

The shock is discovering that following the path leads to yet another jugular paradigm shift.  It couldn’t be more personal.

Or more of a roller coaster. I’m talking about coming to terms with what it means, deciding what to do, figuring out how to go about it, and then getting started.

Then, having done all that, came the final realization that is the very biggest of all:

Winning, and success, are very different beasts from when it all began.

I want people to read my thrillers, and the emphasis is readers over dollars.

I hope the pages turn and you enjoy good reads.

And at the end will consider it time well spent.

Along the way, and starting right here, I’m also hoping for a new kind of communication between readers and writers, and writers and writers.

Please accept my thanks for checking us out and for reading.

And to all the kindred spirits who, for whatever reasons are driven to follow similar dreams, I hope that your visit here offers you a little shelter from the storm and encouragement to keep going.


- At the scene of the crimes - WHAT, ME WORRY?