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The Characters


Does every writer fall in love with his characters? 

I  can’t answer that, but I know that I sure have.

I love them so much it’s hard to kill ‘em off …

Even the ones who more than deserve it!

What follows first are thumbnails of characters of THE DO-OVER, followed by characters of the Cups Drayton Series.


Kimberly Ann “Kiki” Kinsler

A twenty-one year-old college student who returns home for the summer to unspeakable horror.   Her family has been murdered and she is attacked but is hospitalized and  survives.  When all appears lost, a  mysterious, incomprehensible force offer her The Gift of a second chance.  She can un-do and correct what has happened, but it won’t come easily.

Morris Biggs Jr.  “Little Mo”

The tragically accidental monster that destroyed Kiki’s parents and younger sister, himself the victim of profound parental neglect and abuse.  He had never had a chance, but now his future is intertwined with Kiki’s in the past.

Jenna Woodson

Kiki’s oldest and dearest friend and roommate at college.  Kiki turns to her for help as she embarks upon an impossible quest.

Clark Bannion (2012 and 1981)

The respected Portland attorney who is Kiki’s father’s best friend, and an almost uncle Kiki has known all her life.  With her family gone, she enlists his help, but meeting him in 1981 proves to be more than she bargains for.

Lainie McCann

The mysterious young woman who appears in Portland in 1981.

Morris Biggs Sr. “Big Mo”

Little Mo’s abusive father who cruel indifference doomed his innocent young son.

Teddie Biggs

Little Mo’s mother, trapped in a loveless marriage and fated for worse unless Kiki can save her.

Joyce Buckman

The Executive Director of the Community Family Services Consortium of Washington County, where Kiki is hired in 1981.

The Guardian

The mysterious power, unseen and unheard, but felt who visits Kiki when she is near death and offers her the impossible:  A second chance.  She has no idea what to call the spirit, but has to call him something.  Viewing him as her Guardian Angel, she settles on The Guardian.

The Gift

Given to Kiki by The Guardian, is couldn’t exist, but it does, and her future, as well as the future of many others, depends upon it.


CHARACTERS of the Cups Drayton Series

Ellroy “Cups” Drayton

A decorated but disheartened FBI Special Agent returns home to Portland, Oregon.  As a young boy, a family tragedy leads to his unusual name and a coming-of-age that sends him down a solitary path where he was forced to live by his own code, and depend solely upon his wits and his courage. But a maelstrom of forces beyond his control soon interrupts Cups’ early retirement.  Even the strongest of men aren’t immune to the capricious ways of life and love that can change everything in an instant, when we least expect it.

Wilson “Willie” Hemphill

Some debate that people are born bad, and call “bad seeds” a fiction.  The life of Willie Hemphill, a brilliant cyber-criminal, would encourage them to reconsider. His rare gifts enabled him to amass great wealth and build a vast yet virtuallyunknown and untraceable empire.  He kills when necessary, but his true passion is destroying lives, and the pleasure he derives from watching the anguish he causes the living.

Elliot Rose

Chief of Detectives for the Portland Police Bureau.  Late one night, he and Cups meet by chance at Tulee’s, a Portland steakhouse popular with cops.  An unlikely friendship and a vital professional relationship ensue.

Evie McClary

A bright, once-divorced, thirty-something elementary school teacher, introduced to the enigmatic FBI Agent by Elliot and Darci Rose.  Evie is a beautiful yet wary young woman who knows what she wants, and changes Cups in ways he never imagined possible.

Allan Goldman

Working out of the Miami Field Office because in the Director’s words “Goldman is so good he can do and work wherever the hell he wants,” Allan is the FBI’s top forensic analyst and Cups’ oldest friend in the Bureau.  No technology is beyond him, and no problem – however obtuse, insoluble.

Mira Mirano

The daughter of legendary mob boss Arturo “Artie” Mirano, trained at his knee, her apprenticeship one of death and assassination.  Beautiful, deadly, dangerous and the equal of any man, she became the first Lady Don, and ultimately, Cups’ most fearsome enemy.

Raul Mendoza

The Mirano assassin wh0 replaced Mira after she assumed leadership of  The Family upon her father’s death.   His great skill is legendary, his weapon of choice the garrote.

Mario Mirano

Consigliore and de facto underboss for his younger brother Artie, and then for Artie’s daughter Mira, he takes over when Mira is forced to go into hiding.

Wade Fontana

An Assistant Director of the FBI and Cups Drayton’s boss.

Darci Rose

Elliot’s wife is his “Italian Dream” and the matchmaker who brings Cups and Evie together.

Carl ‘CB’ Brantley

An old friend of Elliot’s, CB is owner/bartender of the Metro Lounge in downtown Portland.

Paulie Jacobs

A self-proclaimed “old-soul hippie” postal worker, part-time school bus driver, and workout chum of Cups. 

Silas Gibson

The eccentric mountain man that Cups and Allan meet at Big Crescent Lake, who guides them to the mysterious place in the High Cascades where Elliot is held captive and fighting for his life.


The old, orphaned black lab that shows up one day at Cups and Evie’s and never leaves.

Oregon Weather

I won’t argue that it’s unusual for weather to be considered a character. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

Shu Li

IT guru for the Mirano Family, the former FBI analyst trained and mentored by Allan Goldman.  Hopelessly in love with Mira Mirano, she ultimately becomes consigliore for Mario when Mira disappears.

Bartolo Fasoli

Son of a long-time Mirano soldier, born in New York as the family arrived from Sicily.  A soldier with a checkered record of service in Iraq and Afghanistan, he used the demolition expertise learned in the service to become the new Mirano assassin.

Grant Appier

Cups’ oldest – and only – childhood friend.  His letter after his suicide rocks Cups and reveals an entirely new Mirano evil., who guides them to the mysterious place in the High Cascades where Elliot is held captive and fighting for his life.

Church-key Figgins

Bartolo’s school friend, a free-spirit, rich man’s son, who provides Bartolo comfort and sanctuary in Surprise Valley.

Sgt. Thomas Tennyson “Tee” Tucker

The grizzled Army vet known as the King of Reno-Tahoe International Airport.  He controls the air space, civilian, commercial and military.  He owes Cups for a night long ago at Jimy’s Joint in Reno and is more than ready to repay his debt.

Eduardo “Eddie” Conti

A trusted Mirano soldier whose service dates back decades to Mira’s father, serving Mira ably even in his old age.